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QualiFi Training 2008
Contact QualiFi to reserve your place on (03) 8542 1111 or email js@qualifi.com.au
2010 Training dates will be released soon . . .

Date and Time:

CEDIA Approved CEU Course - CEU Value = 1.5








Date and Time: Pronto sponsored course
CEDIA EST113 ANZ TCP/IP and Ethernet Foundation Course
We highly recommend this course for all Pronto/Marantz programmers and integrators that are new or want a thorough refresher course on networking.
For more info or to register please click here.
CEDIA - CEU Value = 5

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Training Modules & Accreditation

From now on, all assessment exams and accreditation for the TSU9800/TSU9600/TSU9400 will be handled by Philips Belgium directly via the use of their secured professional website.

QualiFi is committed to training and will continue to offer valuable local training in your city on a regular basis. All training conducted by QualiFi will closely follow the Philips training modules (see below). This will prepare you better for the various levels of accreditation & exams on the professional Philips Pronto website. You will need to register to do any accreditation assessment tests:


QualiFi will only supply Philips TSU9800/TSU9600/TSU9400 controls to integrators:

1. after attendance to a local QualiFi training session
2. once you have passed your Philips Pronto Level 1 Certification exam
3. if a valid dealership account exists with QualiFi

If you have any questions about this process, please contact QualiFi on (03) 8542 1111.

Philips ProntoEdit Professional v2.0 Overview

Download this PDF document that covers many of the new aspects of the ProntoEdit Professional v2.0 (PEP2) software. This new software configuration tool supports the TSU9400, TSU9600 & TSU9800. It also covers some of the core differences between PEP2 and it's predecessor PEP1.

Click here to download.

Philips TSU9200 Training Guide

Download all the training course notes on the TSU9200 control system. This guide takes you through set up, programming and troubleshooting of the TSU9200 and extenders.

Click here to download.

Philips Certification Learning Modules
Click on the links below to download your module/s:

QualiFi Tutorials
Click on the links below to download the tutorial/s you require: